Best Bikini Sexy Bodies

Happy Memorial Day Dolls! I have been thoroughly enjoying my Memorial's Day sleeping in, soaking up the sun, and working out! I hope all you have been enjoying your day. While I was soaking up some mah-jor sun today I was skimming through some pictures of what I think are some of the best bikini bodies. 

I never really thought Megan Fox was "hot." But she does have a really nice stomach I'll give her that.

I love how toned AnnaLynne McCord keeps her body.

I DIE for Miranda Kerr's body. Even after having baby Flynn she still looks AH-MAZING!

Kim K. may not have the smallest/petite frame but she definitely knows how to take advantage of her curves.

And, I thought Kourtney already had a hot body before she had Mason... Now after having Mason I think her body is hotter than ever. 

I didn't really pay much attention to Selena Gomez until I heard that her and Justin Bieber were boyfriend/girlfriend... And, now that I've just now recently discovered her I think she's really cute and has great sense of style.

I literally DIE for Jessica Alba's body. She literally has the most perfect legs and ass.

Lucy Liu looks fabulous here, and if I can look this good at age 43 I'll be major thankful.

Sports Illustrated Issue inspired the Beach Body Bikini spread... now let's hit the gym!


Read below and see what personality do your bikinis show

When summer comes one of the questions we ask is: "What bikinis am I wearing this year?" We always choose bikinis instinctively and we never thought that bikinis can "talk" and show our personality. Read below and see what personality do your bikinis show.

1.Small bikinis:"I'm hot and self-confident".

If you are self-confident and if you have a regular body, this model of bikini is perfect for you. They show a woman that has a special style and they are ideal for a perfect tarnish. The women that wear this model of bikini are sure about their appearance and they like to be charming.

2. Bikinis with cup:"I'm a good swimmer and I like to stay long in water".

Nobody can stop this kind of woman to have fun. It's an athlete and she likes to stay long in water. This kind of model is charming, also it highlights your shoulders and takes the attention away from those part of body which have problems.

3. Trikinis:"I'm elegant and I take care of myself".

A woman that chooses trikinis is a woman who wants to look fashionista. She likes to sunbathe on a chaise. This model shows a woman who always wants to look fabulous.

4.Boxes:"I'm trendy and trained".

This woman is always on the move. This kind of model is perfect for sports and covers a big part of your bottoms. The women who wear them can be careless when they are sunbathing or practicing any kind of sport. The priority of  this model is feeling comfortable.

5.Brazilian style:"I'm courageous". 

This model it's not wared by every woman and it means "less and better". The bikinis are too small, and this style is for women self-confident that don't bother themselves by the other people's words.

6.Bikinis decorated with gems:"I'm the diva of fashion".

These bikinis with gems make you look glittering. This look is for the females that have style and want to have all the attention. Those kind of women take more care for their look then for their commodity.

7.Body swimsuits:"I'm a little bit shy".

This kind of model is a smart way to show a thin body and kept in shape. Thanks to their material which is elastic this kind of bikinis are comfortable and good-looking at the same time.

8.Bikinis in the shape of the eye:"I'm sportive and practical".

This kind of model is one of the tendencies of this year. It's perfect for a female who wants to wear bikinis but be sportive in the same way. Generally it's wared by the women who have small breast and want to have a good time without thinking in details about their look.