Katie Couric marriage Rumor !!!!

Will not she go to the morning TV or marry her boyfriend? People are now up to this question concerning Katie Couric. The news was spread by the CBS Evening News that Katie was going back to the Today show over an interview on the Wendy Williams Show.

But Katie, she denies the statement and replies that,” Tha
t is totally wrong! She misses all her friends at the Today show. She met Matt Lauer and Al Roker and she and the latter had a little talk at the Central Park.” After becoming widow, Katie gets into a relation with her boyfriend Brooks Perlin and is now planning to get married.

Katie gives her opinion that, “Her daughters were very small, Ellie of six years old and the younger one Carrie of two years old, when her husband died and thought of staying single unless she finds someone to marry someone and make a new family. She is happy with her life at the moment including her two little adorable daughters. However, she is still planning to marry though she is not giving much time to the thought.” She loves being independent and also wants her children to be the same.

Jennifer Jason Leigh and Noah Baumbach Divorced !!!

Five years later, after marrying in the year 2005, the couple of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Noah Baumbach have filed a case for divorce on the 15th of November this year at the Los Angeles Superior Court. The reason for having divorce is not known to us yet.

Afterwards, it was said to be due to conflicting
disparities. On the other hand, so that their infant son Rohmer gets a financial support, Leigh is on the outlook for spousal aid from Baunbach. Their first ever meeting traces back to 2001 when Leigh was shooting on Broadway as Catherine in Proof.

Even then, few days later just after getting marrie
d, Baunbach told the reporters at the film premiere of The Squid and the Whale that, “He wants to spend the whole life with his beautiful wife.”

The recent works that the couple did together was on the 2010 movie called Greenberg. Leigh is best re-known for her role she played in Fast Times as Ridgemond High and Single White Female. But now, even before receiving their divorce, both Leigh and Baumbach began spending their time separately in
New York City and Los Angeles. They both are now staying parted from each other.

Singer Kesha broke up with Alex Carapetis !!!!

Kesha, the singer, has changed her relationship status from engaged to single again! The hit singer has disclosed that she abandoned her boyfriend Alex Carapetis, who is a drummer, for his sissy attitudes.

She got fed up with his personality. She announced to the Complex magazine that, “They two are not going out any longer.

Her boyfriend began
acting like a woman all of a sudden but he was not like this before and Kasha, she just could not stand all this girlish-men behaviours!” Kesha has her own and exclusive way of flirting with men in public, places like bars and all at bars.

A few days back Kesha disclosed that, “She would do ludicrous things at bars for instance sending men glasses of whisky or even smacking them hard somewhere. Anything such kind.” In addition she mentions regarding her personality that, “She is not hostile to people but it is only that she is a little of twisty type woman.”

Tom Cruise Desperately wants to Save his Child !!!

Tom Cruise is anxious over his fifteen year old son Connor that he might get too much indulged by women at the start of his new acting career. “Hollywood fear
s this boy is growing up fast,” as per the In Touch Weekly magazine.

It is said that Connor is the target of many old women and they have been slithering their phone numbers to him as well. One of the insiders reported, “This indulgence might derail the young boy right in the beginning which would amount to the disruption of his career. It might also put him in disgrace some day. He is rather concerned about Connor.”

However, along with him is suffering Tom Cruise, who is married to Katie Holmes. They have given their two children, a daughter Bella an
d the son Connor a sheltered life; they do not wish to see them become spoiled. Even Bella is thinking of moving away from her parents this December when she turns to eighteen years old.

Their childhood
was spent under the supervision of Cruise’s sister Cass. She had them follow a home school life. Cass kept an eye on the two and was also strictly under observation regarding interactions with other people.

Jane Fonda fianlly found her True Lover !!!

Roger Vadim, a director, Tom Hayden a politician and media mogul Ted Turner… the
previous husbands of one lady; Jane Fonda an actress of seventy-two years old. And now comes in her fourth husband Richard Perry with whom she is having affair.

Jane is very enthusiastic about marrying her new boyfriend after
recovering from a serious breast cancer beginning of this year. Her cancer was due to the birth of a small tumor which stayed like a small bump in her breast, as discovered by doctors. Jane and Richard meanwhile have already done half of their formalities by getting engaged last year, the date is unknown.

According to an American tabloid, the National Enquirer, they let us know that, “Fonda’s fourth husband had been very caring, supportive to Jane. He gave his words to be beside her at all ups and downs of her life. Jane was dazzled to find her true man, the man of her dreams.” Richard was very lucky to be chosen as Jane is pretty hard to please when it comes to man. Jane declared her statement two years back already. Her say is that, “She wants someone who is just a great lover but also an old soul.”

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Natalie Portman was not given Water to Drink !!!

Hot and sexy Israeli- American actress Natalie Portman has complained that, she was prevented from drinking water form a plastic bottle. And she was compelled to use an eco-container for that purpose, specially, when Natalie was at the shooting spot of her upcoming new movie ' Black Swan'.

Natalie also admitted that,Darren Aronofsky is an environment lover and he keeps supporting it all the time. In order to prove his love to the nature, he banned using any type of plastic bottles on the shooting spot. He thinks that, “it is now the proper time to show our sympathy to the nature “said Natalie.

Moreover, Natalie Portman said that, “as we keep our self busy in the shooting spot with dancing and acting so we need satisfactory amount of water which can keep us energetic. But the problem is that there was not single bottle water was found on the set, though we desperately need that on the spot. Instead of it we were given eco friendly containers for drinking purpose and also the chance to fill it up.

Recently, this hot actress admitted that, beauty can be a boring thing when you boy friend keep gazing at you all the time and keeps admiring you beauty. “I find it really disgusting when all the guys are so worried with my appearance, where I am not a worried at all”.

George Lopez cheated Ann Lopez !!!

Finally, Ann Lopez has filed for divorce. On Tuesday at L.A. County Superior Court, they submitted all the relevant documents for divorce, confirms TMZ.Though this couple has declared in September that they will end up their 17 tears old marriage life.But once more time, George Lopez rep has confirmed that, their decision is now final to end up their relationship which lasted around 17 years.

As the decision has not been made one sided, so it is expected that they will still work as a good parents in their business farm c

alled, ‘Lopez Foundation’. None of them want that their divorce will make any negative effect on their child so, they are trying to the best of their ability to be dedicated to their child.

Form September their married life became worst when it was revealed that George Lopez got laid with a hooker. A professional escort called Tiffany told that, she went with George for money and had a safe sex.

Anna Lopez love for George Lopez became very obvious when she saved his life by giving one of kidneys of her to him in 2005, where George Lopez was nearly died due to his kidneys failure for some kind of genetic reason.

Sandra Bullock's life changing decision

Sandra Bullock
is said to be a mummy for the second time, not biologically, but by adopting another child, and this time a girl. She had previously adopted a boy early this year called Louis. In her opinion she says that, “One child is not adequate and because she wishes to revive the experience of being in the motherhood again, Sandra plans to take adopt another child.May be the adoption of a new girl could be appear as a blessings for her life and may be this girl will will help Sandra Bullock to change her whole life style.

As reported by a source, “She is taking help from the former agency who gave her Louise, New Orleans, to look for a girl.” An insider informed that, “They have few children in their hand right now who are in need of a home.”

The other hot news about Sandra Bullock is the rumor of her being involved in a relation with some unknown person whom she belie
ves to have met on the way for a trip to Caribbean island of Anguilla.

The OK magazine declared in early November that, “The turmoil which was caused due to Sandra’s affair rumor during her stay at the island villa last month did not puzzle the world. Rather the world wants her to be happy and see her live happily with her new life and husband.”

Rachel needs a sensible decision

After the breaking up with her relationship from Darren Aronofsky, Rachel Weisz, a beautiful British actress, is reluctant to shift back to Britain with her four year old son Henry and seeks to stay back in New York.

She has been continuously asked by others about her plan to move to United Kingdom again. A source says, “Rachel Weisz refuses to return though Rachel has got a home in North London but still wants to stay put in New York so that her
son Henry can remain close to her father out there where they can also find a joint custody for the boy. Their relation now is described as friendly split; they just chosen their own way to stay alone.”

Recently, many reports affirm that, “Weisz has grown close to Daniel Craig. They both have done a marvelous job in the up coming movie named Dream House for which the shooting is taking place in Canada now. They both match well (Daniel and Rachel); while Darren is nice and responsible person, Daniel is just the opposite; dark and strange.” The couple’s distance have grown greater now and is seen to spend much of the
time separately each following their own path.

Teri Hatcher is totally desperate !!!

Beautiful Teri Hatcher, the forty-five year old actress, is fed up with her role in the popular serial of Desperate housewives. She has announced it already to the colleagues at ABC, as per the Britain’s Sunday Mail, that “She has now become desperate to end her role next season after playing her role for the past seven years.”

Meanwhile Teri has gained a follower, Felicity Huffman, who is also going to quit from the serial. According to one of the insiders, “Teri Hatcher is now taking active preparation for moving out of the show. She has got another produc
tion to work in immediately after she leaves the Desperate Housewives. Teri wishes to work in a new brand show.”

However, the bosses for the show were eager to continue the serial for another two more seasons but this will not be possible with Teri leaving before that. Therefore, they have to end it a season earlier.

Another source informs that, “The future schedules has not yet been declared as it is still in progress. Some of the crew has gone disappointed about Teri going away from the show
which made her career so bright and she and Huffman are the best stars in there!”

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick serious fight

The couple, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, are having fight over their son Mason, who is only eleven months old, whether it would be wise for them to present him before the media or not at a reality sho
w. In accordance to sources, it is known that Scott is denying taking his baby to Kourtney and Kim Take New York show.

“They are worried the show might have an affect on Mason negetively.” an insider informed the US Weekly. However, it is also reported that this is not the first time that Mason is be
ing in front of the public in media. Even before, he had participated in one of the shows with his mother. So, what is there to fear about Mason?

In personal life, Kourtney has asserted that their relation, her and Scott Disick, has remained strong enough all these days by the help of therapy sessions on a regular basis. They both are at it very much. “The couple considers it to be the perfect and best way of keeping their relation ever lasting, beautiful and healthy. But it always makes Kourtney feel dist
urbed the way others react about going to therapy sessions” Kourtney tells the reporters.

Anne Hathaway's new destination of life

Through ambitions people reach stars and at times even if they do not get to reach it, they go close to it. Anne Hathaway, a hot and sexy actress in fact, dreams to be a rock star in her life.

The starting of guitar lesson triggered the ambition, a dream in herself in which she sees her being a star like one of those in the sky
. According to her, she says that, “She is pondering to be a rock star and also wishes to make a band of her own. Anna finds the idea to be fascinating.

At present, she is just learning how to play a guitar and so is not performing
well as she expected. However, she is progressing and later maybe she will be able to play many other chords in an organized way. But she is working hard at it.”

In addition, she mentions that, “her band shall play one chord each time during their songs and that would make them hit!” Always acting in one specific genre of movies, romantic genre, she now wants a break from it. She has now turned her mind to music. Anna says that “she is tired of doing movies all the time.”

Joan Baez started living on Tree House !!!

Rocker Joan Baez, sixty-nine years old, was left black-and-blue after falling down from her tree house in order to fulfill the wish to be with the outside nature. But to be with the nature?

Aha, the famous folk singer from the 60s she wanted to sleep with the birds but tumbled down from a tree house twenty feet high in her garden in California. Joan Baez had been known for her famous performance in civil rights anthems during the 60s. Baez’s accident happened on Wednesday this week.

Poor she then later was admitted to a hos
pital close to her house and then was discharged confirming the fact that she had only some minor casualties. From her assistant, Nancy Lutzow, it was informed to the San Jose Mercury News that she is in complete rest at the moment and Baez was feeling better than before. Two years back Baez, who had serious relationship with Bob Dylan, said that, “She spends her summer in the tree house by using the necessary accessories for climbing.

The birds flying above her head and twittering, wake her up early in the morning ruffling her hair by the winds from their fluttering wings. Their company in the morning gives her a heavenly sensation on earth.”

Blade Movie's Actor has been jailed finally !!!

The forty-eight year old star from the Hollywood movie Blades, Wesley Snipes, has been sentenced to go to jail for three years by a US court this year in November 19th for deliberately neglecting to file taxes in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Nevertheless, he has pleaded William Terrell Hodges, a Floridian judge, to review his case and grant a fresh trial for him after he was convicted as guilty. Wesley Snipes has defended himself on the basis that there were some jurors who had been biased against him and it was from then on that he had been on the bail. Unfortunately, Snipes’ proclamation went denied by Judge Hodges and therefore Hodges later ruled against him. In his verdict, Hodges had clearly stated that “Snipes had a fair and impartial trial and his case was carefully reviewed. So, it was now the time for the verdict to come in force. Snipes must go to jail due to his deliberate action.” In spite of the already given verdict from the judge Hodges, Snipes’ attorney Daniel Meachum has asserted that the star is extremely cool and affirmative concerning the judgment but he now shall make an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Emma Watson's brand new home !!

The star of Harry Potter series, Emma Watson studying Liberal Arts a
t Brown University has told a local Californian newspaper that she loves US and that it is like her second home and that it was an adventure for her living out there.

Meeting with all the journalists in America at an interview this week and hearing the American accents made US feel her more at home. Her opinion informs us that Americans
were friendly, open-minded, faithful and warm people.

Emma Watson also let us know that she felt bad at the thought of ending the shootings for Harry Potter series especially when working for it for more than ten years now; she enjoyed a lot! However, on the other hand, our Hermione Granger has become tired from the hard work she has devoted behind making the movie but then, she is eager to see where the water rolls down to in future.

She says, “Though people know that it is time for Harry Potter to finish, but Emma never feels in that way; this is just the beginning of the shooting. She does not want anyone to call it the end of something which is so special to her.”

The new Princess of Britain

Engagement for Prince William and Kate Middleton has been declared early this week and the wedding date waiting to be announced next year in public. The venue will be set at the Westminster Abbey where the funerals for the family members, Diana and Queen Mother, were occurred. William also declines the other venue in option which was St. Paul’s Cathedral as that was where his parents’ marriage was held in 1981. A staggering of two million people shall witness the knot tying of the couple. Roles will be played by Prince Harry as the “supporter”, Pippa the younger sister of Kate as the Chief bridesmaid with the aid of William’s cousin Zara Philips, Prince Edwards daughter Lady Louise and Lady Helen Taylor’s daughter Eloiuse. Along with these members, politician, celebrities such as Phil Collins, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney and Bryan Adams, fashion stylist Daniella Helayel who is Kate’s favourite and other elite people will also participate the wedding including the US president Barack Obama and his spouse Michelle. Sources say that Kate has been lifted up from an ordinary citizen to one of the most high status people and now she is on top of the world. She is now the future Queen of Britain.

Nicole and Joel are in final destination !!!

After having two children, a daughter of two years old called Harlow and a son of only fourteen months old called Sparrow, the couple Nicole Richie and Joel Madden has at last decided to the knot tied up at the bride’s father, Lionel Richie, place. The wedding ceremony will be holding at Lionel’s garden in Beverly Hills home early December this year and as Christmas is here to come up, they took this auspicious event to be the best time to get married. A source tells that “Christmas was for family and faith and that is why December was chosen to get wed.” It is anticipated that around seventy-five close relatives and friends shall be attending their wedding which counts in DJ Samantha Ronson and the artist Christina Aguilera who is also said to carry out the service after ceremony. According to the rituals, their daughter Harlow will be the flower girl while Nicole’s closest friend Masha Gordon will be the maid of honor and Joel’s twin brother Benji will be the best man. The couple, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, has a plan of first spending the festive Christmas season with their families and friends prior going to honeymoon.